Rabu, 07 November 2012

Reading Plans?

Thank you so much for all your lovely birthday wishes!

I'm off to a conference tomorrow - gosh, my third this year! - and will be speaking on David Garnett's Lady Into Fox.  I have barely thought about it, to be honest, which is good as it has meant that I'm not nervous yet.  Whether my paper is up to much is an entirely different matter... but I rather doubt anyone there will have read Lady Into Fox anyway!

So, I'll be back late on Friday night, so I'll leave you with a question.  It's getting to that time of year when people start to mull over next year's book projects.  I've really enjoyed doing A Century of Books this year - it has joined my love of reading to my love of lists - and it's made me vary my reading a lot.  But while I think I'll revisit it one day, I don't want to do the same project two years on the trot.  (And who knows if I'll even finish this one on target!)

Instead, I've picked a project that is shamefully unblogworthy.  A lot of lovely people have given me books over the years, and I am rather awful at getting around to reading them.  Bloggers and other bibliophiles tend to understand - but I still feel a bit guilty, as well as missing out on all the potential gems on my bookshelves.  So, I've decided that in 2013 I'm going to read at least 25 books that other people have given me.  I haven't even checked that I have 25 such books - but I rather expect that it's nearer double that.  Just looking at my shelves in Oxford, not counting review books or books I got for my birthday yesterday... oh, there are 34.  Well, that answers that question!  I think it'll be a nicely varied pile - as well as enabling me finally to thank folk properly for my presents.

Howsabout you?  (If you wavered on A Century of Books this year, I can definitely recommend it as a really fun and fruitful project - which, of course, can be spread over two years or more, if need be.)  Any reading plans, or are you just going to go with the flow?  Or is it still too early to think about it?

See you at the weekend!  Wish me luck with my paper...

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