Selasa, 06 November 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Post Photos of the Lake District if I Want To.

Happy Birthday Me!  Today I turn 27 - the age at which Anne Elliot was washed up in Persuasion.  Don't worry, I don't actually have a neurosis about 27 - even though I spend a lot of my time amongst undergraduates, so I feel ancient - but when 30 rolls around, things might feel rather different.  My goal is to have finished accruing degrees by then... (!)

I thought I'd indulge on my birthday by sharing with you photographs from my recent trip to the Lake District.  I've been there many times throughout my life, often with family, and this time I visited my friend Phoebe (who works at Wordsworth's house) and was joined by Colin.  Autumn in the Lake District is pretty stunning, I have to stay.  Well, enough with words - shall we let some pictures do the talking?

This is the view from my friend's house - amazing, no?

Getting ready to go on a ferry... and it's sunny! (but freezing)

The original purpose for visiting for a birthday visit to beautiful Blackwell -
an Arts & Crafts house; one of my favourite places in the world.
Sadly no photos allowed inside, but more on their website.

Not a bad view to have from the house, is it?

And here we are, outside it!

My friend and her boyfriend, on Wansfell.

I've never carved a pumpkin before - so I was pleased by my first effort
(inspired by the peacock frieze at Blackwell)

And we make a delicious cat carrot cake!

I co-ordinate with the autumn, by Lake Windermere

Sepia makes EVERYTHING like classy, doesn't it?

The sun didn't last long - Colin and I take a walk over to Ambleside,
and it was cloudy and rainy - but still beautiful.
I don't think the Lake District could be unbeautiful if it tried.

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