Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Going Underground

Look what arrived in the post the other day!

That was a very pleasant surprise - Penguin kindly sent me the Penguin Lines collection - a series of stories celebrating 150 years of the London Underground, each (as you see) the colour of a tube line.  The British Transport Museum, incidentally, offers milkshakes in every colour of the tube map - which sounds like a lovely idea until you realise that one of them will have to be grey.

It's no secret here that I don't much like London, and I certainly don't any fondness for the Underground - but I *do* have a huge fondness for any Penguin series, and have their Great Loves and English Journeys boxsets.  My collecting instinct and love of sets, not to mention my love of colour, makes me already fall in love with this set, even though I've only actually heard of one of these authors (John Lanchester).

All the book and author info is here - perhaps you can advise me where to start?

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