Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012

Song for a Sunday

Firstly - a few people have been asking about subscribing to Stuck-in-a-Book by email.  It's not something I do for any blog, and so I don't really know how it works, but I've decided to give it a go!  There's a box over in the right-hand column, so... give it a go if you fancy it!  I hope it doesn't stop anybody popping over and commenting, though, as reading everyone's comments is my favourite part of blogging.

Onto the Sunday Song - The Dixie Chicks and 'Not Ready To Make Nice'.  It's a great song, but it also has a rather amusing (but not entirely PC) MadTV spoof, which I've included too.  (You do need to know the background to the song, I think... which you can learn here.)

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