Rabu, 13 November 2013

Muriel Spark: the covers

We'll all be doing lots of reading this week, both on blogs and in books, so I thought I'd offer up a different view of Spark - with a selection of covers.  These are all her novels, in order of publication, although the covers are not all first editions.  I just picked a selection to demonstrate the wide variety of styles which she has been given.  Your thoughts, please!

I love the quirky old Penguin covers - exemplified by the first one below, The Comforters - which seem to get across something of Spark's style.  But I think my favourite might be Memento Mori, which was a Time book club edition... how about you?  Favourite cover from those below?  Which do you think accurately convey the sort of novels Spark writes?  Any favourites which I haven't featured?

Head over to Harriet's tomorrow, for more Muriel Spark Reading Week fun.

Oh, and because I wanted to get it in somewhere this week, Pam sent me the link to this excellent interview with Muriel Spark.  I couldn't get the audio to work, but the transcript is great.

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