Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

Further poems about authors

Many of you were kind enough to say nice things about my previous little poems about authors, and so, in this hot weather, I have turned my attention to writing a few more... I hope you enjoy them!

Not relevant... but nice.

A reductive reading of Dorothy Parker
Poems, journalism, more -
Yet you are remembered for
Advising, to the finer sex,
A total abstinence from specs.

Men apparently declare
Their love based on a woman's hair.
That is all they need, to choose
(according to Anita Loos.)

You're my favourite of the three
And yet you have the faintest fame.
To generations you will be:
'Charlotte, Emily, whatshername'.

My Problem With Alfred
Reading Dead White Men is fun,
Unless, of course, it's Tennyson.
Among his literary powers
Is not included a respect for line length or stresses or anything so long as he can mention flowers.

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