Senin, 22 April 2013

A few more poems about authors...

the photo isn't relevant... I just like the colours...

I had great fun writing these before, and really appreciated the comments people left.  I've spent a bit less time constructing these, but... well, I had fun!  I hope to make this a bit of a series.  Let me know if you have any ideas for others, or authors you'd like to see...

What the dickens?
Oh Charles, you saw
The humble poor
In such disarming detail -
But somehow missed
In all of this
A single real female.

Mary, Mary
For dangerous and wild men you had a predilection.
You may have written Frankenstein, but - truth's stranger than fiction.

Dear Aunt Jane
"Sweet, ineffectual Jane, the dear!"
Of all misreadings, wrongest.
Her barbs will last two hundred years;
Her laughs, both loud and longest.

If reading should be nourishment,
Your book's not worth our time:
An awful lot of punishment
And hardly any crime.

*I have to admit that I've never read it...

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