Selasa, 26 Februari 2013

Over With The Foxes

(found on etsy)

I think Over With The Foxes would make a great book title... *jots down in notebook* but that's not why I've written it in my subject line.

I'm sure you all know the good people of Vulpes Libris - a collaborative blog, where the 'book foxes' (see what they did there? LATIN) write about all manner of things bookish, from classics to erotica and everything in between.

I was very flattered, of course, when they got in touch recently and asked if they could reblog some of my posts.  Well, said I, I'd rather write some for you - is that ok?  (You see, so often my posts bleed into one another, or rely on some sort of familiarity with other aspects of Stuck-in-a-Book - which would be an appalling marketing strategy, if I were doing this professionally - that I thought reblogs would feel quite strange.)  Luckily, they were more than happy for me to write just for them!

So, about once a month, that's what I'll be doing.  My first piece is up now, and it's about my favourite books.  It probably won't include any huge surprises for any of you...

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