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I started the year resisting any sort of organisation to A Century of Books - I didn't want to decide my books in advance, as that would remove the spontaneity which is the cornerstone of my love of reading.  But, as 2012 creeps away, I have pencilled in the books I will read for the remaining 10 years - spending quite some time opening books on my bookshelf to look at the publication date, and being frustrated by how many of the books I want to read fall in the 1920-1950 category (quelle surprise!)  But I have my list, and there are nine wonderful books waiting on it, all of which I'm excited to read... but only nine.

What on earth was published in 1909?

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I've consulted Wikipedia, and a very useful Chronology of Literature reference book that my Dad gave me, so it's not quite true that I've found no books for 1909.  I just haven't found any books that I have - except Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells, which is on the maybe list (but quite long to fit in alongside all the rest, and one or two people have told me that it's not great.)

So I don't really want suggestions for books simply published in 1909 - I also want them to appear in My Library, which you can search here.  So if any of you fancy doing some homework... let me know your ideas!  You see, sometimes I delude myself into thinking that I'm Mildly Internet Famous, and that Blog Readers will run around being my minions... so if you want me to come back to reality, then ignore me ;)

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