Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

My Life in Books - Series Three!

As I mentioned a while ago, I've got another series of My Life in Books all ready to go.  This is the third series - the first was March 2011, the second was March 2012, and although I intended to wait until March 2013 for Series Three, I realised that I couldn't wait that long.  And you all seemed to enjoy before too, so... it seems I now run a spring and an autumn series!

For those who didn't see previous series (and you can catch up with them here) I copied the idea from the BBC series of the same name - bloggers, in pairs, pick favourite and important books from different stages of their lives.  My twist on it is that these choices were emailed to their co-participant, who then tried to guess what sort of person the blogger was from what they read...

All 14 bloggers I approached said yes, which was lovely - and there are some wonderful suggestions coming up for you this week.  By the end of the week you should have 70 recommendations (well, one Victorian novel did come up a lot.)  I'm going to be away until Wednesday, so hopefully things will all appear neatly and in the right place - if formatting goes awry, it'll have to wait til then to get fixed...

I'm hoping the bloggers will pop by during the week and reply to your comments - do comment, whether you've read the books, or want to - and I'll hop in to the comment discussions when I'm back.

The first pair will appear on Monday, and it'll run through to Sunday.  Over to them!

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