Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

Mrs. Harris - the winners!

Thanks so much for all your entries to the Paul Gallico giveaway - what a wonderful mix of destinations we want to visit between us!  Sorry not to hear the ideas of non-UK readers - perhaps one day I'll ask the question again, without a giveaway, so we can hear from everyone.

I've done the draw now, and the eight sets of Mrs. Harris MP and Mrs. Harris Goes To Moscow will be going to... (drumroll, if you please):

Estelle / A Bookish Space
Margaret /  Books Please
Sakura / Chasing Bawa
Ann P
David H / Follow the Thread
Daphne (who entered by email)

Congratulations, one and all!  If your name is there, please email me at simondavidthomas[at]yahoo.co.uk with your address, and the subject line Mrs. Harris Giveaway.  Once I've got all the addresses, I'll forward them on to lovely Bloomsbury, and they'll send out your books.  What fun!

And this is a Mrs. Harris themed week, as my post on Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will be appearing at some point... when I next have internet access!

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