Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Two competitions...

I've turned over the Weekend Miscellany to competitions - one of which could win you all sorts of bookish goodies from Glasses Direct, and the other of which could see you choosing Hesperus Press's next reprint.  On with the show...

I'm copying and pasting the Glasses Direct competition:

1.) To celebrate Glasses Direct's new blog, the online prescription glasses retailer has launched the GD Book Worm Club, an online competition that encourages book readers, whether avid or occasional, to post their reviews so that others can read up on their recommendations on a plethora of reads. Whether it be a good old paperback, a Kindle or Kobo, Glasses Direct want glasses wearers to join the GD Book Worm Club.
Each month, GD Book Worms can submit their reviews on a book they've read, which will then be posted onto the Glasses Direct blog. Whichever review gets the most happy comments wins that months star review.

Each monthly winner will receive a star prize, as well as a pair of glasses. For April, the winner will receive a Kindle Touch, a pair of Element or London Retro frames with their prescription and one of the Spring Summer 2012 goody bags* from the glasses e-tailer's press event, held at The Soho Hotel this April.
Email your entries to: gdwin(at)glassesdirect(dot)com
And don’t forget to include a picture of yourself with the book! (If you’re camera shy, just the book will do but we’d rather see your lovely faces)

*Goody Bag Contents:
1 pair of designer sunglasses (Chloe, Serengeti, Marc Jacobs, Armani etc)
Handmade speccy cookie from Love Birds
A gift voucher for a pair of Element or London Retro specs.
Spectacle necklace
Retro sweets (no reason, but who doesn’t love sweets?)
Eco-concious cotton lunch bag
London Retro/Element USB stick.

2.) I spotted a great post on Lyn's blog, giving the opportunity for readers to choose the next Hesperus Press classic title.  I hadn't seen or heard anything from Hesperus for years, and was rather worried that they'd disappeared, but I'm delighted that that isn't the case.  Before themed blog weeks really existed, I ran an I Love Hesperus week - gosh, years and years ago - what fun it was!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, they're looking for 500 word submissions suggesting out of print classics (usually pretty short - 100-200 pages) that they could reprint, and why.  The deadline is 1st June, and the book would come out in September - more info here.  The 500 words will form the introduction for the winning book.

Their books are always so beautifully produced, as well as having great contents.  You can read all my Hesperus reviews here, and start wracking your brains!

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