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Somerset: The Books

Whilst down here in Somerset, I have been mostly adoring the cat, but also jaunting off to various places - including, yesterday, sunny Lyme Regis...

...and whilst out and about I have, of course, been buying some books.  Being the gent that I am, I thought I'd share my spoils with you - asking the usual questions: have you read them, and what do you think?

Letters - Sylvia Townsend Warner
I had a copy out of the library, but I was pleased to find one myself, for the chapter of my thesis I'm currently writing.

Look Back With Gratitude - Dodie Smith
You might remember that I loved Dodie Smith's first volume of autobiography, so I was excited to see another volume - and risked life and limb to rescue it from a teetering pile on top of a bookcase.

The White/Garnett Letters - David Garnett and T.H. White
And this will be useful for my final chapter, which includes sections on David Garnett's Lady into Fox!  Our Vicar was pleased that some of my purchases could be considered work-related.

Love in the Sun - Leo Walmsley
Ever since Jane/Fleur Fisher raved about this, I've been hoping to stumble across a copy.  Thanks, Lyme Regis!

Journey to Paradise - Dorothy Richardson
I'm rather too scared to try Richardon's endless Pilgrimage series, but I thought this collection of short stories and autobiographical pieces might be a good way in.

Gone To Earth - Mary Webb
I read somewhere that this helped inspire Lady into Fox, and have been hoping to find a copy.  This trip has unearthed (ahem) a lot of titles I've had on my mental wishlist!

Injury Time - Beryl Bainbridge
An Awfully Big Adventure - Beryl Bainbridge
I'm all ready for Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week, now!  Are you?

The Hand of Mary Constable  - Paul Gallico
This looks like Gallico in surreal/psychological mode, which is how I like him...

Somewhere Towards The End - Diana Athill
This brings my Athill autobiographical volumes to three, without having read any of them... but this is the one which appeals most.

Woman in a Lampshade - Elizabeth Jolley
Short stories by another author I'm stockpiling without yet reading!

Non-Combatants and Others -Rose Macaulay
Love me some Dame Rose, and didn't have this title yet.

To Margaret, From Pat
This is something a bit different - probably valueless, but once I'd seen it, I couldn't leave it behind.  It's a handwritten collection of excerpts and poems, clearly given as a romantic gift from Pat to Margaret.  It's not dated, but based on the poems included, it's post-1940; based on the handwriting, I don't think it's much after.  How lovely!

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