Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

Happy Birthday Sherpa!

Continuing a theme of my time at home, somewhat, you can wish Sherpa a very Happy 2nd Birthday!  She's marginally less silly than when she as a little kitten, and falls off things less, but it would still be a stretch to call her intelligent.  She is, however, very active - being athletic and stupid, she doesn't fit in particularly with the family Thomas... but we love her to bits.  I can't find her at the mo (she loves hiding) so here's an old picture.

To drag this back to books, here's a little game.  Can you subtly alter (with puns, please) book titles to make them feline friendly?  I'm thinking A Tail of Two Kitties, but wittier...  The best one gets Sherpa's purr of approval.
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